Данил Бухвалов (brother2) wrote,
Данил Бухвалов

Analysis of neutron diffraction profiles in bronze archaeological statuettes produced by solid lost wax casting

Abstract. In the framework of a research aiming to assess the suitability of neutron/x-ray non-destructive techniques for the characterization of archaeological objects, two bronze items were studied by neutron diffraction. The origins of two small statues are, respectively, Egyptian (XXI–XXX Dynasties, c1070–343 B.C.) and Etruscan (IV–III centuries B.C.), belonging to a private collection. By hard x-ray diffraction we previously verified that both statuettes have a coarse microstructure (big grains). From historical considerations we believe that both items were produced by solid lost wax processes of casting. This processing technique does not completely justify the presence of microstrains; as a consequence, due to unexpected neutron diffraction peak broadening, a non-uniform Sn wt% is suspected. In the present work we discuss this deduction by means of Rietveld analysis of the neutron diffraction profiles.

в том же выпуске ещё пара подобных статей
Tags: история, наука

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