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Statistical physics of social dynamics
Authors: Claudio Castellano, Santo Fortunato, Vittorio Loreto

Abstract: Statistical physics has proven to be a very fruitful framework to describe phenomena outside the realm of traditional physics. The last years have witnessed the attempt by physicists to study collective phenomena emerging from the interactions of individuals as elementary units in social structures. Here we review the state of the art by focusing on a wide list of topics ranging from opinion, cultural and language dynamics to crowd behavior, hierarchy formation, human dynamics, social spreading. We highlight the connections between these problems and other, more traditional, topics of statistical physics. We also emphasize the comparison of model results with empirical data from social systems.

Не стал бы постить, но журнал уж больно солидный (Reviews of Modern Physics 81, 591-646 (2009)), так что это в какой-то мере официоз по теме приложения физики к соц. системам.
Tags: arxiv.org, наука

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