Данил Бухвалов (brother2) wrote,
Данил Бухвалов

Раньше любили шутить про наномысли наномозга, так вот дошутились, сбываецо потихоньку:

Flexible, Transparent, and Noncytotoxic Graphene Electric Field Stimulator for Effective Cerebral Blood Volume Enhancement

Enhancing cerebral blood volume (CBV) of a targeted area without causing side effects is a primary strategy for treating cerebral hypoperfusion. Here, we report a new nonpharmaceutical and nonvascular surgical method to increase CBV. A flexible, transparent, and skin-like biocompatible graphene electrical field stimulator was placed directly onto the cortical brain, and a noncontact electric field was applied at a specific local blood vessel. Effective CBV increases in the blood vessels of mouse brains were directly observed from in vivo optical recordings of intrinsic signal imaging. The CBV was significantly increased in arteries of the stimulated area, but neither tissue damage nor unnecessary neuronal activation was observed. No transient hypoxia was observed. This technique provides a new method to treat cerebral blood circulation deficiencies at local vessels and can be applied to brain regeneration and rehabilitation.
Tags: graphene paper of the day, Корея
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