Данил Бухвалов (brother2) wrote,
Данил Бухвалов

в жопу графен

Casein phosphopeptides (CPPs) with abundant phosphoserine clusters can mediate hydroxyapatite (HA) nucleation and growth. In this work, a new type of CPPs-biofuctionalized graphene composite was synthesized by amidation reaction between CPPs and carboxyalated graphene (CGO). When immersed in stimulated body fluid (1.5 × SBF) at 37 °C for different periods, the CPPs layer on the composite facilitated efficient interaction between the CGO surface and mineral ions, which promoted HA nanoparticle formation and shortened mineralization time in comparison with pristine CGO. The synthesis of the composite mimicked the natural biomineralization of bone, demonstrating that CPPs can effectively improve the bioactivity of graphene and be useful for HA formation. The presented biocomposite may have potential biomedical applications in different areas.

Про ткани разные - уже было, теперь вот кости. Интересно на какой лимпияде выступит первый отлет с награфененными мышцами, и когда на прилавках появицо мясцо скотины графеном откомленной.
Tags: graphene paper of the day, Китай

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