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зогчем они тrавят?

Lack of female leaders
Women chair just 12% of all UK higher-education governing bodies and lead 17% of UK institutions as vice-chancellors, says a study. Leaders in Higher Education 2013, released by the non-profit group WomenCount in Cardiff, says that the low numbers of women in leadership roles at institutions do not accurately reflect the proportion of female faculty members and students. Unconscious bias might be partly to blame for the numbers because people often appoint and promote others who are like themselves, the report suggests. Author Norma Jarboe, director of WomenCount, says that women must seek sponsors who will help them to get promotions, and pursue a position on the board of a company or charity. “Cross-sector knowledge and powerful contacts can be door openers,” she says.

Хех, рассказывали мне случай, про одну румынскую профессоршу в Дании, ни со спонсорами ни с промошеном у неё проблем не было, кончилось всё, впрочем следствие покажет.

А тем временем китацы: Silk-Molded Flexible, Ultrasensitive, and Highly Stable Electronic Skin for Monitoring Human Physiological Signals, одивныйновыймир всё ближе.
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