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A tale of tails: how the fittest compete for leadership
J. M. Luck, A. Mehta

We investigate how leaders emerge as a consequence of the competitive dynamics between coupled papers in a model citation network. Every paper is allocated an initial fitness depending on its intrinsic quality. Its fitness then involves dynamically as a consequence of the competition between itself and all the other papers in the field. It picks up citations as a result of this adaptive dynamics, becoming a leader if it has the highest citation count at a given time. Extensive analytical and numerical investigations of this model suggest the existence of a universal phase diagram, divided into regions of weak and strong coupling. In the former, we find an `extended' and rather structureless distribution of citation counts among many fit papers; leaders are not necessarily those with the maximal fitness at any given time. By contrast, the strong-coupling region is characterised by a strongly hierarchical distribution of citation counts, that are `localised' among only a few extremely fit papers, and exhibit strong history-to-history fluctuations, as a result of the complex dynamics among papers in the tail of the fitness distribution.

Academic Meeting Scheduling Using an Antiferromagnetic Potts Model
Kazue Kudo

Scheduling parallel sessions of an academic meeting is a complicated task. If each presentation is assigned to an appropriate session, an antiferromagnetic Potts model can be used for semi-automatic timetabling. The timetabling method proposed here is based on graph coloring and includes additional constraints to be considered in a practical situation. We examine the feasibility of semi-automatic timetabling in some practical examples.
Tags: arxiv.org

  • главное, чтоб всё было по науке

    Видите этот выделенный кусочек слева внизу. Там планируется разместить "водородный хаб". Да примерно в 3 км от центра, да танкеры полные водорода…

  • ромбик видишь?

    Вспомнилась присказка про три стадии деградации инженера: 1) забывает знания по специальности 2) забывает как брать интеграл 3) носит ромбик. И вот…

  • спрашивали/отвечаем

    В каментах спрашивали, в чём конкретно выражается синофилия демократов и что Константим Устинович Обнимашко ещё закрутит гаек и продолжит "торговую…

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